Welcome to CETEFIN S.A.

Finance & Services

CETEFIN has its offices in Geneva, Moscow and London.
We specialize in developing business strategy.
CETEFIN provides a team of specialists with years of experience ready to analyze your specific requirements and help you develop the most effective action plans to ensure that your objectives are achieved.
CETEFIN has successfully advised a large number of corporations (of all sizes), several of which are world-renowned.

Asset Management

We are an energetic company that combines decisiveness and strength with ambition and creativity.
Our focus is on the development of high-quality and innovative projects and concepts. We working with clients in a collaborative partnership to understand their needs; Cetefin offering a broad range of high-quality traditional and innovative products to meet our clients' needs. We are committed to the highest standards of business ethics and good governance .

Wealth Service

Helping you grow your wealth is what we do.
There are many different ways to grow your wealth.
Our skill is in helping you to understand your choices, and then helping you to make the investment decisions that are right for you.
That depends on your life priorities, your goals and your attitude to risk.Your wealth may come from business or inheritance; it may be in many different countries and in diverse assets.

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